FAA approval for replacement fabric

After more than two years of testing, submissions, and qualifications, Balloon Repairs of East Texas has received Federal Aviation Administration authorization to purchase, inspect and qualify repair fabrics for use in type certified hot air balloons repaired at this facility.  This means that major repairs at BRET are no longer limited to the use of the original manufacturers fabrics.  Major repairs of all standard type certified balloons can now be completed on a cost effective basis through Balloon Repairs of East Texas.  Should your balloon need a new parachute, top 1/3, top half, or even a total fabric replacement, Balloon Repair can complete the necessary repairs without having to use costly OEM fabrics.  The FAA approved fabrics at Balloon Repairs of East Texas are NOT available for sale at this time.  ( The FAA has not approved them as replacement parts for sale to third parties.)

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